What Percentage Of Your Patients Have An Rx Adherence Rate Of 90%+

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Patient adherence to pharmacotherapy: the importance of effective communication.

 DiMatteo MR.


Study on the role of Patient Care Professional communications with Patient Adherence:

Zolnierek, Kelly B. PhD, DiMatteo, M Robin PhD.


Variations in Patients' Adherence to Medical Recommendations: A Quantitative Review of 50 Years of Research:

DiMatteo, M. Robin PhD.


The Effects of Physician Communications Skills on Patient Satisfaction; Recall, and Adherence:

Edward E. Bartlett, Marsha Grayson, Randol Barker, David M. Levine, Archie Golden and Sam Libber.


Evidence on Patient-Doctor Communication and Adherence:

Stewart M, Brown JB, Boon H, Galajda J, Meredith L, Sangster M.



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